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    Imec - UGent
    Department of Electronics and information systems
    Centre for Microsystems Technology
    Principal Member of Technical Staff (PMTS)
    iGent, Technologiepark 126, B-9052 Gent-Zwijnaarde
    Jan vanfleteren is involved in the development of novel interconnection, assembly and substrate technologies, especially in wearable electronics and polymer microsystems technologies, with a particular interest for medical and biomedical applications. As a project manager for CMST he has a long standing experience in co-operation in EC funded projects (since FP4). He served e.g. as the initiator and coordinator for FP5-CSG-“IMECAT” on lead-free electronic assembly technology development, FP6-IST-IP-“SHIFT” on Smart High-Integration Flex Technologies and FP7-ICT-IP-“TERASEL” on thermoplastically deformable circuits for embedded randomly shaped electronics. Since October 2017 he also serves as the co-ordinator for the granted H2020-NMBP-X-KET-“PoCOsteo” project (PoC in-office device for identifying individuals at high risk of Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture). Since 2019 he coordinates together with Prof. O. Degomme (ICRH, Ghent University Hospital) the H2020-SC1-“ELEVATE” (EarLy dEtection of cerVical cAncer in hard-to-reach populations of women through portable, personalised and point-of-care HPV Testing) project and will do the same from Sept. 1, 2021 on for the H2020-SC1-“CHILI” (A Community-based HPV screening Implementation in Low-Income countries) project. The latter three mentioned projects are of a highly interdisciplinary nature with crucial contributions from technology, medicine and chemistry.

Prof. Jan Vanfleteren is a Principal Member of Technical Staff (PMTS) at Imec and a part-time professor at Ghent University. He is involved in the development of novel microsystem technologies, especially for wearable and implantable electronics, microfluidics, and tissue engineering applications.

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