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    UZ Gent and UGent
    Department of Human Structure and Repair
    Experimental Surgery and Surgical Oncology
    UG ZAP (10% hoogleraar), UZ Kliniekhoofd dienst GIHK
    UZ Gent, secretariaat GIHK, Route 1275, Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    The Experimental Surgery lab, Ghent University (prof Wim Ceelen) focuses on small and large animal models of colorectal and ovarian cancer. Topics of interest include intraperitoneal drug delivery in peritoneal carcinomatosis models, use of intravital and functional imaging (dynamic contrast enhanced MRI, hyperspectral imaging) to study tumor vascular physiology, and effects or radiotherapy on neoplastic microvessels. Close collaborations exist with the biomedical engineering group of Patrick Segers (Ghent University), with the nanomedicines group of the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Katrien Remaut, Stefaan De Smedt), and with other cancer researchers (Olivier De Wever, Geert Berx). Clinical and translational research is performed at the department of GI Surgery at Ghent University Hospital. The clinical department has considerable experience with the design, GCP compliant execution, and analysis of investigator driven clinical trials with translational research endpoints. Examples include the use of intraperitoneal aerosol delivery of nanoparticle bound albumin for advanced peritoneal cancer, neoadjuvant therapy with bevacizumab in patients with colorectal carcinomatosis (BEVIP study), randomized comparison of normothermic versus hyperthermic chemoperfusion in ovarian cancer (OVIP study), and near infrared fluorescence imaging and immune profiling of colorectal lymph nodes (MINIMAL study).

Wim Ceelen is a surgical oncologist with an interest in advanced or recurrent GI cancer, soft tissue retroperitoneal cancers, ovarian cancer, and peritoneal metastasis. He Ieads lead the Experimental Surgery lab at Ghent University, which has between 4 and 8 PhD students, one postdoc, and 4 support staff. We perform clinical, translational, and basic research in the fields of intraperitoneal drug delivery, novel treatments of peritoneal metastasis, biophysical properties of cancer tissue, and lymphatic metastasis in colon cancer.

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