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Wim Ceelen is a surgical oncologist with an interest in advanced or recurrent GI cancer, soft tissue retroperitoneal cancers, ovarian cancer, and peritoneal metastasis. He Ieads lead the Experimental Surgery lab at Ghent University, which has between 4 and 8 PhD students, one postdoc, and 4 support staff. We perform clinical, translational, and basic research in the fields of intraperitoneal drug delivery, novel treatments of peritoneal metastasis, biophysical properties of cancer tissue, and lymphatic metastasis in colon cancer.

Prof. Jeroen Missinne is part-time professor at Ghent University and also employed at CMST, an imec-affiliated lab at Ghent University. His research involves laser fabrication technology, optical sensors and flexible/stretchable photonics and electronics.

Frank Speleman is professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. His main focus is the study of perturbed gene regulatory processes in paediatric cancer, more specifically neuroblastoma and T-ALL.

Prof. Jolanda van Hengel is heading the medical cell biology group. Her group focuses on the in vitro engineering of functional myocardium that mimics human heart tissue for analysis of myocardial function. Also her group tries to obtain a suitable stem cell type for in vitro meat production.

Prof. Jan Vanfleteren is a Principal Member of Technical Staff (PMTS) at Imec and a part-time professor at Ghent University. He is involved in the development of novel microsystem technologies, especially for wearable and implantable electronics, microfluidics, and tissue engineering applications.

Filip Van Nieuwerburgh heads the UGent Next Generation Sequencing core facility NXTGNT, focusing on transcriptomics, (epi)genomics and bioinformatics.

Ruslan Dmitriev leads the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials group at the Department of Human Structure and Repair, Ghent University.