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    Rode Kruis Vlaanderen (Belgian Red Cross Flanders) and Diagnostic Sciences (GE32, UGent)
    Dienst voor het Bloed (Blood Establishment)
    Transfusion Research Center
    Principal Investigator
    Ottergemsesteenweg 413, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    The Transfusion Research Center aims to contribute to transfusion medicine, blood banking procedures and the exploration of blood product applications beyond actual intravenous transfusion. All blood components are within scope, but there is a focus on platelets. Current studies concern the development of innovative platelet-derived products such as human platelet lysate and platelet-rich plasma and their potential value in cell therapy and tissue engineering. In collaboration with several research teams in Flanders, including in Gent the use of platelet concentrates in regenerative medicine is studied. Key information on platelet biology is gathered in our research on platelet function, protein content, receptor shedding and immunology. With these findings we aim to contribute to medicine in general and to transfusion and blood banking in particular.

Hendrik Feys is a Principal Investigator at the Belgian Red Cross Flanders Transfusion Research Center. The center has a research focus on blood derived products and their applicability in regenerative medicine. Hendrik  is a visiting professor at the Department of Diagnostics Sciences at Ghent University.

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