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    Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    Department of Head and Skin
    UZ Gent (Blok B, Entrance 36) Corneel Heymanslaan 10 9000 Ghent
    Robrecht Raedt is an Assistant Research Professor, working at 4BRAIN lab of Ghent University in Belgium. In 2002, he obtained a Masters degree in Biology at Ghent University. In 2007, he successfully completed his PhD research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University. The topic of his PhD research was 'Cell Therapy for Epilepsy'. This work implicated isolation and culture of stem cells, ex vivo gene therapy, transplanting adenosine-release cell graft in the seizure focus of various epilepsy models. As well, he studied the role of neurogenesis during the development of epilepsy. As a postdoc, also at 4BRAIN, he worked on unraveling the mechanism of action of neurostimulation therapies for epilepsy (vagus nerve stimulation and deep brain stimulation) both in animal models as in patients with epilepsy. This work involved techniques such as microdialysis and intracranial electrophysiology in rats and single-unit and EEG recording in humans. In 2015, he spent a half year at the laboratory of Bruce McNaughton to perform high density recording of neuronal activity in rat models of epilepsy in an attempt to decode the “neuronal route” to seizures. In his first years as Associate Professor, he performed research on the neural basis of behavioral control using intracranial recording during cognitive testing both in humans as in animal models but soon he returned to his favorite topic which is epilepsy. Currently, he is exploring the potential of in vivo gene therapy and photopharmacology as potential targeted therapy for focal epilepsy.

Robrecht Raedt holds a 100% professorship at Ghent University ( and is director of the animal facility of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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