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    Electronics and Information Systems
    Institute Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IBiTech) Biofluids, Tissue and Solid Mechanics for Medical Applications (Biommeda)
    Senior professor in cardiovascular fluid mechanics
    Ghent University IBiTech C. Heymanslaan 10 Blok B (entrance 36 – 5th floor) 9000 Gent
    My research involves modelling and simulation of the hemodynamics and mechanics of the cardiovascular system making use of computer and experimental models, yet always in close collaboration with clinicians and with attention for validation and implementation of new techniques in a clinical setting. Over the past few years, research focused on biomechanics of aortic aneurysms, phenotyping large artery function, arterial hemodynamics, and the use of advanced computational tools for medical applications. Research topics where I have expertise include Cardiovascular Mechanics, Artificial Organs and Biofluidics, Medical Device Design (mainly cardiovascular stent-based applications) and Multi-physics modelling.

Patrick Segers is full-time senior professor of cardiovascular biofluid mechanics at the Ghent University, Belgium. He is the head of Biofluids, Tissue and Solid Mechanics for Medical Applications (bioMMeda) and chair of the MSc in biomedical engineering programme.

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