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Levi Hoste is a general pediatrician employed at the Ghent University Hospital. He has a background in clinical immunology. He coordinates hospital activities on pediatric drug research including the pediatric clinical trial unit Safepedrug Clinical Trial Unit (SPD-CTU) as part of the Drug Research Unit Gent (D.R.U.G.) and the Belgian Pediatric Clinical Research Network (BPCRN), national hub of the conect4children (c4c) consortium.

Jan Gettemans is full professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. His main focus is research on nanobodies (single domain antibodies) and their implementation in a diverse array of (bio)medical settings.

Our lab leverages the power of chemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology to engineer the immune system at better responding to internal threats such as cancer and external threats such as viral pathogens and lethal drug substances. In this context we aim to intervene at different levels in the process of innate immune activation, antigen presentation and the generation of adaptive immunity to clear or protect the host from a specific threat. 

Director of the Lab of General Biochemistry & Physical Pharmacy at UGent. Served as dean of his Faculty and member of Board of Directors of UGent. Has been a Guest Professor at various universities in Belgium and China and is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Controlled Release. His research is at the interface between drug delivery, biophysics and material sciences.

Kevin Braeckmans is Full Professor at Ghent University, faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is co-director of the Lab. Of General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy and group leader of the Biophotonics Research Group. His focus is on light-based technologies for investigating and facilitating drug delivery to cells and tissues, including for cell therapy applications.

Prof. Dr. Annemieke Madder is heading the Organic and Biomimetic Chemistry Research Group specialized in the design and synthesis of modified peptides and nucleic acids and methods for their conjugation and labeling.

Prof. Jolanda van Hengel is heading the medical cell biology group. Her group focuses on the in vitro engineering of functional myocardium that mimics human heart tissue for analysis of myocardial function. Also her group tries to obtain a suitable stem cell type for in vitro meat production.

Els De Leenheer is an otorhinolaryngologist with main research focus on genetic hearing loss.

Frauke Coppieters is assistant professor within RARE-MED, a Ghent University multidisciplinary consortium for basic and translational research on precision medicine for rare diseases (Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). Her research focuses on retinal disease modelling and new genetic therapies for inherited blindness.

Sarah Vergult is an assistant professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University. She is partner of the Ghent University RARE-MED consortium, that aims to address missing heritability in rare disorders. She studies the role of the noncoding part of the genome in rare diseases, in particular in neurodevelopmental disorders and implements tools to functionally characterize candidate genes for neurodevelopmental disorders.

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