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    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Department of Pharmaceutics
    Bio-Photonic Imaging Group Laboratory for General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy
    Full professor
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ottergemsesteenweg 460, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    Research at the Laboratory for General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy, of which Kevin Braeckmans is co-director, is aimed at the development and evaluation of nanomedicines for advanced drug delivery and gene therapy in particular. Primary application areas are ocular delivery, lung delivery, vaccine delivery and cell therapies. This research is carried out by four closely collaborating research teams, one of them being the Biophotonics Research Group, of which Kevin Braeckmans is group leader. Research of the Biophotonics Research Group is as aimed at the development of light-based technologies to (i) study the biophysical behavior of nanomedicines in cells and tissues and (ii) enable light-triggered drug delivery and therapies. With regard to the former, the Biophotonics Research Team has specialized in the development of advanced light microscopy methods and their application to study the interaction of nanomedicines with biological barriers. More than 20 years of research in this area has lead to the establishment in 2018 of the Center for Advanced Light Microscopy, one of the Centers of Expertise of Ghent University, offering access to state-of-the-art microscopy facilities to life science researchers from within and outside of UGent. In the past 10 years, to a large extend thanks to an ERC Consolidator Grant that was awarded to prof. Braeckmans in 2015 and an ERC Proof-of-Concept Grant in 2021, light-triggered drug delivery became a second major research line. The main focus is on the use of light and nanomaterials to safely and efficiently engineer therapeutic cells for improved cell-based therapies and tissue engineering applications.

Kevin Braeckmans is Full Professor at Ghent University, faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is co-director of the Lab. Of General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy and group leader of the Biophotonics Research Group. His focus is on light-based technologies for investigating and facilitating drug delivery to cells and tissues, including for cell therapy applications.

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