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    Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    Department of Human Structure and Repair
    Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research
    Full professor
    C. Heymanslaan 10, entrance 46 - floor 4, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    Olivier DE WEVER focuses his scientific life to understand the involvement of the tumor environment to cancer progression. An absolute necessity is the correct use of model systems. The lab recently established MISpheroID, Minimal Information for Spheroid Identity, a tool and resource to inform scientist about the optimal set-up and use of 3D cell cultures (Peirsman and Blondeel et al., Nature Methods, In press). In addition the lab makes use of tumor engineering to establish relevant environments to study tumor progression in vivo (De Jaeghere and De Vlieghere et al., Biomaterials, 2018). Ideal implementation of these model systems lead to identification of patient-relevant biological insights related to tumor progression and therapy response/resistance (Tommelein et al., Cancer Research 2018; Lapeire et al. Cancer Reseaerch 2014; De Boeck et al., Gut 2013).

Olivier De Wever is Full Professor at Ghent University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is co-director of the Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research. His focus is on 3D cell cultures and tumor environment modeling and interactions in cancer.

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