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    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    Department of Morphology
    Entrance 78 Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium
    Our research group investigates angiogenesis, i.e. tissue vascularization and vascular remodeling. We study the role of macrophages during vascular growth and remodeling and we investigate the importance of intussusceptive angiogenesis, an important but underestimated mechanism of angiogenesis. For this purpose, we use the chicken chorioallantoic membrane model as main model of tissue vascularization in engineered tissue constructs, such as collagen ang gelatin molds. In addition to this, we perform corrosion casting in combination with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or micro computed tomography (µCT) to study the three dimensional morphology of blood vessels.

Ward De Spiegelaere is assistant professor at the Department of Morphology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His main focus is angiogenesis in wound healing, cancer and tissue engineering.

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