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Prof. Lindsey Devisscher

Member info

    Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    Basic and Applied Medical Sciences
    Gut-Liver ImmunoPharmacology unit
    PI, ZAP
    Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    The Gut-Liver ImmunoPharmacology (GLIPh) unit focuses on the pathogenesis and new therapeutic opportunities for intestinal and hepatic disorders. The pathogenesis of chronic liver and intestinal diseases is hallmarked by a dysfunctional immune response and continuous tissue damage, remodeling and pathological new vessel formation. Therefore, our group has specific interest in targeting inflammatory and angiogenic pathways and cells as therapeutic strategy for hepatic and intestinal disorders. A specific research line of the GLIPh unit relates to the interconnection between the liver and the gut. Both organs are anatomically connected via the enterohepatic circulation and the portal system and stressors affecting gut’s homeostasis affect the liver and vice versa. During chronic liver disease, the normal gut-liver interaction is dysregulated, and this is characterized by a leaky gut and chronic hepatic immune activation. In addition, specific hepatic disorders represent with associated intestinal inflammation strengthening the interaction between both organs and the need to further explore interconnective pathways and how we can interfere in this gut-liver axis as therapeutic strategy. To tackle our research questions, we use in vitro assays, mouse models and ex vivo human tissue. Development of relevant, translational models to study human disease and explore new therapeutic opportunities is also an important part of our research efforts.

Lindsey Devisscher is professor and head of the Gut-Liver ImmunoPharmacology (GLIPh) unit at the Department of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Her group focusses on the pathogenesis and new therapeutic options for (gastro-intestinal associated) liver diseases, with emphasize on immunity.

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