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    Faculty of Sciences
    Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
    Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group
    Krijgslaan 281 building S4, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe has acquired expertise related to the synthesis, the modification and the processing of photo-responsive and/or photo-crosslinkable (bio)polymers including thermoplasts (e.g. polyesters) and hydrogels (e.g. proteins and polysaccharides) for a variety of biomedical applications (e.g. tissue engineering, drug delivery, sensors, photonics, etc.). She is experienced in the field of polymer processing using 3D printing (laser- versus extrusion-based additive manufacturing), electrospinning and two-photon polymerization (2PP). She received her PhD in Sciences in 2008 at Ghent University. She authored >165 Web of Science Core Collection cited papers, she has a h-index of 32 (WoS), is promoter of 17 PhD’s and she edited three books, authored 7 chapters in books of which 5 invited. She is treasurer of the Belgian Polymer Group (BPG), former spokesperson of the ‘Young Scientist Forum (YSF)’, TERMIS-EU council member and member of the independent ESB Awards Committee. She serves on the editorial board of several journals focussing on tissue engineering. In 2017, she received the Jean Leray award from the European Society for Biomaterials. She is (co-)inventor of numerous patents and patent applications, is co-founder of the spin-off ‘XpectINX’ focussing on bioinks for biofabrication purposes and is involved in the spin-off project Gelgraft Medical.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Vlierberghe holds a guest professorship at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels Photonics, VUB, Belgium) and a 100% professorship (BOF-ZAP) at Ghent University (Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials Group, Belgium).

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